7 Minute Workout “Seven” with High Intensity Interval Training Challenge

Seven is a very cool app that can help you with personal fitness. The best part is that you don’t need any accessories or training material, just a body and your device. It’s very fun to use and when you load up the app you are presented with a basic starting program. This is the basic exercise that everyone has.

Seven also features some very cool add-on extras where you can train for specific outcomes such as upper-body training or fitness toning. These exercises are available to purchase but useful if you have something specific in mind.

The app also features a cool notifications function. This is incredibly important for a fitness app because how many people in this world have said “Time to get fit” to start a couple of sessions and then casually forget only realising one month later that they have not done too much. The notification settings from Seven will help you not forget. Everyday at a set time, you are notified via the app to workout. Though they can be a little daunting as the sound used is quite loud, not a normal notification sound. I guess this is used to get you into shape.

There are also some cool coach settings. When choosing a virtual coach you can choose a man or a woman, which language they speak and what type of coach they are including a hippy, a sergeant, a sensei or a cheerleader. Whoever you best react to is the coach you want to choose.


  • An app that helps you keep fit.
  • A useful reminder system that notifies you when you need to start working each day.
  • Intuitive and helpful.


  • The notifications can be a little intimidating and loud though these can be easily turned off.


If you are looking to get fit, Seven is the way to go. It is not just the exercises presented in the app that make it a success but the continuous notifications that keep you alert and keep you training. If these were not available, you could easily forget to train and forget about your whole fitness program. It is also the perfect app to recommend to friends or family if you feel they would want or need a fitness training app.