– The new online multiplayer app that everyone is playing. is a multiplayer game available on multiple formats where you are given a cell and the aim is to grow it and eat as many other cells as possible while trying to not get eaten yourself. You have to grow as big as possible and swallow in all the smaller ones around you. Originally released as a free playing game on the web, it has evolved and is now available as an app to play on your mobile or tablet. was originally produced by a young Brazilian programmer and has since grown into a global phenomenon with thousands of players across the world attempting to eat each other up. Each player controls a small little cell in the middle of the map which gets bigger and bigger as it eats randomly generated food across the map. The only problem is that other players bigger than you are able to eat your cell if you cross paths, likewise you are able to eat players with smaller cells. The larger the cell though, the slower you move and less flexibility you have. Think of it like evolution; it’s kill or be killed with a few viruses thrown in to stop even the biggest of cells.

What is really fantastic about this game is that you are playing in real time against players all over the world. It’s live, it’s online and it’s real time. You are not playing against a poorly functioning AI, but real people from other cities, other countries and thats fantastic. In true internet fashion, players have created custom skins for their cells and call themselves interesting names. It has even been used as a political tool in Turkey for the elections in 2015. This is not just an app stuck in the app store, this is a fully evolving and real feel app that will get you hooked and you will love playing it.


  • Easy to use.
  • Fun to play and exhilarating.


  • Highly repetitive.
  • Incredibly addictive.
  • Need a high speed internet connection.


If you are looking for something to fill the time while on a high speed connection then is great to use. Play with family, friends and more, its simplistic effects will have you playing for fun for hours on end.

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