Angry Birds Star Wars – Battle in another galaxy.

Whenever two large franchises team up together there is always a feeling things aren’t going to work out but when it comes to Star Wars and Angry Birds, could you ever have a better combination? If you are a die hard fan of either franchises then this app is going to be a pretty much essential app to have on your phone.

One thing to mention, especially when first playing this game is that the app is very similar to previous Angry Birds games however as you progress through the game, new birds are introduced with new powers, functions and abilities. Its a really nice shake up to the game we know, love and play.

To play the game is the same as always. You start off with your bird and you to use your finger so smash it in a base and free the eggs. Only this time the base is in outer space and the birds have lightsabers which adds a very spacey twist.


  • As usual with Angry Birds games, the controls and uses are easy to understand and use.
  • Very child friendly.


  • Essentially a clone of an ordinary Angry Birds game.


This game is fantastic but at the end of the day it is another Angry Birds clone just wearing different clothes. The clothes however are very nice and shiny. Although it is fantastic and fun to play, you are essentially playing the another Angry Birds instalment. However in our opinion, if you are a fan of Angry Birds, you are going to get sucked in again. This game and the overall series are just too good to put down.

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