Bejeweled Classic – One of the best “match-3” games.

Editors note: This app review is part of a series of the top 5 apps for kids. Be sure to check it out for fun and safe apps that kids can play.

For nearly as long as there has been the Internet, there has been Bejeweled or a variation of the game. It is an absolute classic that people have been playing since 2001. Possibly the king of all the “match 3” games out there. That’s a lot of smashed jewels! The objective of the game is very simple. It is very similar to other “match-3” games out there. You are presented with a wall of different types of jewels including diamonds, ruby’s pearls and a couple of others. Your job is to match 3 (or more) of them in a row, column or diagonally. The more you match, the more your score increases however after matching many, the more difficult and fast the game becomes. There are also levels and each level requires quicker responses but more points.

One point that has to be made when reviewing this app was that we found many ads during in game play. This is really distracting and off putting when you are trying to focus on playing. It is just not fun and can frustrate players. It is important to note that there are paid upgrades where you can have the ads removed.


  • Super easy to understand. Get stuck in straight away.
  • Bright and fun colours with cool explosions!
  • Hints to help you when you are stuck.


  • Over time, the game can seem repetitive.
  • Overtime fingers can acheĀ from all the swiping.
  • Heavy in-game ads.


Overall if you are looking for a fun game, a time waster of sorts, Bejeweled is fantastic. It is not for the serious gamer, it is for the gamer who wants to spend some time wasting time while waiting for a bus for example. It’s fun, easy to understand and fun to watch those jewels smash and regenerate. An absolute classic that can keep you entertain for hours on end.