Doodle Jump – A fun and interesting game where you have to jump as high as possible.

Editors note: This app review is part of a series of the top 5 apps for kids. Be sure to check it out for fun and safe apps that kids can play.

It feels like Doodle Jump has been around for years. On the app page they even say “BE WARNED: Insanely addictive” and we couldn’t agree more. This is a real simple, easy and fun to play game. It’s absolutely fantastic. You are given your small little doodle guy and basically you have to jump to as high a level as possible on the small platforms provided. Some platforms are solid but some will break after you land on them once. There are also bad guys such as aliens and ghosts along the way up to the top who hope to push you down. It is therefore important to plan your rise to the top before you go ahead and start jumping.

Not everything is out to get you however. There are fun power ups and useful devices like springs which can give you a quick push to the top.

The current game has 11 versions for you to play with and different skins and graphics to jump with. We absolutely love the graphics especially the default one. A piece of graph paper that looks like it has been scribbled on by a high school student. They have done a fantastic job there.¬†What is fantastic is that the game’s developers are updating the app regularlary so when updating the app, there is often useful and exciting new levels or costumes for the Doolder that you can check out.


  • Easy to play, just tap and tilt.
  • Fantastic graphics. Simple and appealing. As though someone drew them with a pen and paper.
  • Very simple to play, you can jump straight in.


  • Possibly a bit too simplistic. The only function you have is a “jump.”
  • Quite addictive. You may find yourself using this app when you should be doing other things.


A very useful app that is fun to play for all the family. Instantly easy to learn how to use and very enjoyable to play. Doodle Jump is a clean up with simple graphics and fun gameplay.

But remember to be careful, as listed on the app information page, make sure you don’t jump and drive.