Parking Mania – The app that requires you to have a steady hand.

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It has to be said when we first came across this game we were skeptical. A game about parking? Well that’s got to be boring right? On the contrary, Parking Mania is a fun game with an interesting concept that has been beautifully built. You are given a car park and your job is to park the cars efficiently as possible without crashing into anything and using your phone to control how the car moves. Along the way you can collect coins which gives you extra play money to have fun with. You need to be careful with this game though as the slightest touch against a wall or touching another car will cause a crash and that is the last thing you want to happen. Interesting a newer feature in the game means that if you run a red light during the game, you also lose a life. Each time you play a level, you have 5 lives to get it right.

Parking Mania includes 40 levels which for a game where you can finish the level in a matter of minutes is quite quick. The app works well with your phones functionality as well. Everytime you crash, the app vibrates which adds to the tension to make sure you don’t crash.


  • A fun and exciting game that requires a surprisingly high amount of skill.
  • Interesting variety of cars; Police cars, trucks and more.
  • Simple yet compelling graphics.
  • Easy to understand and play.


  • Can get repetitive.
  • Frustrating when things go wrong.
  • Only 40 levels which can be finished quickly.


If you are looking for something fun yet at the same time challenging then Parking Mania is the one to play. It will keep you busy for hours and hours and the functionality is awesome. Al the pieces of this game fit together well to actually make it a fun little app to have.