Spotify – Stream music from a collection of over 30,000 songs.

Spotify is an app where you can stream music across multiple devices whether you are on desktop, tablet or mobile.

The interface is easy and you can quickly stream and play millions of songs directly on your mobile or tablet. One useful feature is connecting the app to your Facebook account so you can share the songs you are listening to and also listen to the music your friends are currently streaming. Playlists also let you create lists of your favourite songs for different moments for example you could you have a playlist of disco songs before you go out for the night or a playlist of classical music if you want to stay in and relax.

The service also features a premium service where users can subscribe to a paid service. The benefits of premium include a higher quality version of the songs, the ability to download and listen to music offline and uninterrupted listening meaning that no adverts will play between songs. The premium service is also offered at a trial rate of 30 days free before any money is taken.

About Spotify:

The service was started in April 2006 and is used by millions across the globe.


  • Free version which other music streaming apps do not have
  • A huge library of songs to listen to.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • Need to register before you use the service.
  • Ads between songs can be annoying (This occurs with the free version).
  • Privacy policy can be tricky to use and understand.

Quick stats

  • 30 million songs.
  • 60 million users.
  • 15 million paid subscribers.
  • 58 countries Spotify is available in.


If you are looking for popular music that you can quickly play and listen to then Spotify is the app for you. A huge selection of popular and highly enjoyable tracks from artists make it that pretty much anything you hear on the radio, you are more than likely going to find it on Spotify. Add to this the cool features such as knowing what your friends are listening to, setting playlists and having your collection of personalized music on all devices through the app really makes Spotify a complete player.

Source: Expanded Ramblings