Star Wars™: Card Trader – A must have for any avid Star Wars fan.

The Star Wars franchise have come up with an absolute gem here. Welcome to Star Wars™: Card Trader, a simple card trading game but one that is digitalized and you can use as an app on your phone. The app includes both some absolute classic characters from the old set of films but also some new ones which are great too. Not only are there the cards for characters but also cards for the cars too. The more cards you have under your control, the more powerful you are. To get the cards you can trade with people using the app but also buy them in-game via the app and finally if you watch video-ads in full you can further cain credits to get the cards.

Star Wars fans who use the app swear by it. Many have left reviews praising the app and saying they play it every day. With new cards being released everyday by the developer it is fantastic news.


  • Fantastic artwork on the graphics. Very impressive.
  • Able to play online and offline.
  • New cards released everyday.
  • Great social interactions, make friends while trading cards.


  • If you are not a Star Wars fan you probably won’t enjoy it.
  • No in-game music.
  • Incredibly addictive. If you are a Star Wars fan, be prepared to use the app every day.


This is definitely an app for hardcore Star Wars fans. Unless you are into the whole Star Wars franchise you may become quickly disinterested and no longer want to play. However that being said, if you have only just gotten into the whole Star Wars’ world then this app is fantastic as it can teach you all about the older characters and what is going on. You have to remember that the game is quite cut-throat and people collecting on the site can be pretty greedy with their cards. Unless you have the money to pursue them, don’t think you are going to have a huge collection in a matter of days. It can take months of even years to build up a solid collection worth talking about.

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