Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

If you are a fan of Star Wars then Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is a very interesting and fun app to play. It is similar to an RPG where you navigate your way through the Star Wars empire trying to conquer and take on the Empire with skill and strength. Although it feels strangely similar to other RPGs you can play on your mobile it has been covered fantastically by the Star Wars franchise where you can play as your favorite characters and attack the ones you hate.

Throughout the game as you progress from stage to stage you unlock new characters, each with their own special features. Chewbacca for example has a noise feature which attracts enemy fire to him. Not such a good thing, but he is a pretty strong guy so you can protect your team when doing this. Over time you are also able to improve the abilities of your character and train them to become the best. You can also get characters by doing in-app purchases or also using the in-app cash. This is the quick and easy way to get what you want.


  • Playing as your favorite Star Wars characters is alway fun an exciting.
  • The powerups and special features for each character is unique



Although fun and exciting to play when you first arrive and even heard the news of this game’s development, playing it is a different matter. Again, it feels similar to any other RPG game out there and EA have simply clothed the characters up in Star Wars costumes. As a Star Wars fan, you have to get it as that is just the way things are but for everyone out there looking for an RPG, there are many others you should check out before going fully into this.

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