Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™

Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™ is a very cool RPG game and pretty much a must have for all Star War fans out there. The level of detail is fantastic and there are different types of charachter to choose, different vehicles to travel in, different planets to visit and much more. This app was actually brought over from PC and console gaming and the transition has been pulled off well. It is remarkably easy to use the controls to play the game and the touch screen makes an incredibly useful feature.

To play the game from start to finish can actually take quite a long time. So if you are expecting to finish this in a matter of days thing again. You are taken along a Star Wars journey and you have to understand, build up your character and navigate your way through danger to complete this game.


  • Play as your favorite Star Wars character.
  • Huge world with many levels, areas and characters to explore.


  • Compared to modern RPGs, it is now looking a little outdated.
  • Touchscreen play can interfere with play. A simple action like turning around can take 4-5 swipes on the screen. Important if you are in an important battle.

Summary: As said previously, any Star Wars fan should get this app. It is pretty much a must have a very fun and enjoyable to play. Although it is beginning to show its age compared to other RPG games, it is still a classic and when it was released, it was by far one of the best. The developers have brought a classic to an app and that is always useful to have.

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