Viber – An interesting and fun to use communication tool.

Viber is an app communication tool where you can chat and talk with friends, family or any other contacts you may have. You can communicate via text, call or even video chat. Similar to whatsapp and other chat apps, Viber displays a more fun feel to it. Signing up to Viber is quick and easy. You need a phone and a valid telephone number or a verified Facebook account. Once you signup there will be a verification system in which you will be sent an SMS with a code to verify that the number is yours. Once inside, Viber will automatically sort out your contacts. It looks through your address book and finds all your contacts who use Viber and adds them to your contact list so you can easily communicate with them. Very simple, very easy. The features inside include of course the chatting and calling applications as explained above, but also sticker packs and also the ability to draw and doodle on the chat. There is also a calling feature known as Viber Out where you can call people via the app who don’t have Viber for a small fee. This is cheaper than your standard carrier charges. Note though that Viber to Viber calls (users who both have the app) are free. Pros

  • Free app with no ads.
  • Easy to understand user interface.
  • Great group chat functionality.
  • The ability to send money around the world.


  • Your contacts also need to use Viber.

Summary Viber is a fantastic and highly useful tool for communicating with people. There are other apps that do a similar job but Viber just has a much more interesting and unique feel to it. We love the ease of use of using a Viber account. Things just end up working.