Waterslide Extreme – Slide through the waterslides of London.

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Waterslide extreme is a really cool app that we have tried out and enjoy a lot. Your job is to navigate your way high above cities as you flow through them on a waterslide. To be honest, it is exciting and a bit of a thrill to navigate at fast speeds across the top of a city trying to make sure you actually stay in the slide and don’t fall off over the top!

The app features nine stages and your job is to navigate through them picking up as many points as possible and in as quick a time as possible.  The faster you go, the more points you earn. You have to be aware though that if you go too fast, you can quite easily go over the top and you have to restart the stage.


  • Fun and exciting. Not many games you can ride in a waterslide high above the city.
  • Easy to use; simply tilt your phone to navigate your way down the slide.


  • Although when the app was released, it had cutting edge graphics for an app, overtime and reviewing it now in 2016, the graphics look outdated and are certainly in need of an update or two.
  • Reports of crashes during in-game play.


Although a little old compared to many apps you can download, it is still a fun and enjoyable game to play. There aren’t too many waterslide games out there to play and this is fun and exciting at the same time. Could do with an update but if you are looking for a game to waste the time then this could be well worth it and enjoyable to play.