Whatsapp – The biggest instant messaging tool.

Whatsapp is an app to communicate with others either via text or voice call. It is one of the best and most popular apps online today and is used by over 1 billion active users across all continents on the globe and is one of the first apps people install when they get a new phone.

Whatsapp is split into different sections when you install the app:

  • Favourites – A list of your favourite contacts who use Whatsapp.
  • Recents – A list of the recent phone calls you have received
  • Contacts – A total list of all the contacts on your phone telling you if they use the service of not.
  • Chats – A list of the conversations you have had with people
  • Settings  – A place to change settings of the app and configure your system such as blocking people, downloading backups of your chats or changing your notification settings.

What is it for?

Whatsapp is an app to contact and communicate with friends, family and contacts you know. You can communicate via text in a conversation or you can use the calling feature to speak directly.

On top of this there are features you can use such as sending photos, videos, voice messages and your real time location.

The developers behind Whatsapp are constantly updating the app and making it more user friendly. These updates include better functionality, security updates, backups and more.

Which Phones

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian
  • Windows Phone

Note: Whatsapp have also launched a new feature called Whatsapp Web where you can access the app via the web using common browsers such as Chrome, Firefore or Microsoft Edge to communicate with your contacts.


If you are a busy person and constantly on the move, Whatsapp is an essential app for you. Instead of having to pay expensive fees to your phone company, the app is completely free and you can send a message to anyone and anywhere in the world for free as long as they also have the app installed on their phone. The days of expensive phone calls and SMS messages are over.