Flappy Wings – This game will drive you crazy!

Flappy Wings is a fun and interesting game based of the original classic Flappy Bird which was created by Nguyễn Hà Đông. You could realistically call it a clone. Although it looks simple it can be incredibly difficult to master and many people have given up in rage due to frustration of playing the game. You start off with your bird and you have to navigate it through a series of pillars with gaps inside them. It is important to know that your bird is always falling and to help it fly you have to tap. Each time you tap, the bird takes off. Therefore you have to get the timing exactly right to get them through the pillars. There are also coins to collect along the way which gives your score a boost.

At the beginning the game is relatively easy, most people are able to navigate through the first set of pillars. After a while though, it can become a lot more difficult when the pillars become closer and closer together. The problem with this game is that you think it is easy when you look at it for the first time or watch a friend play, the reality is very different.

Flappy Wings includes in-app features such as customizable hats for your bird and also in game performance improvements.


  • Very easy to understand and play.
  • Cool and fun graphics.
  • Fun to play against your friends to try and beat their scores.


  • Incredibly difficult. You may find yourself throwing your phone on the floor in frustration!
  • Repetitive after a few hours of gameplay.
  • Highly addictive. You will probably be saying to yourself “One more try” many times after playing.


If you are looking for a fun and addictive game then Flappy Wings is the one. Don’t take it lightly when we say things can get messy. This is an incredibly difficult game no matter how simply it looks. That bird is sensitive and the slightest touch sends it flying high. The app is very enjoyable, fun to play and fantastic to use. Go ahead and enjoy it.