LiveScore – Live updating scores from across the world.

LiveScore is a sports fan’s best friend. In a nutshell it is an app that shows you the days results for sports in virtually real-time. Why is this useful? Well fantastic if you need to know the result of a match and don’t want to wait until the newspapers are published the next day or waiting for the highlights of the match to be shown on the television. The app lists the fixtures for the day and as the day progress shows the results of each match. You are given a lot more details than just basic scores though. Zoning in on each match gives you specific details such as who scored the goal, the time the goal was score, number of yellow and red cards and any other additional information such as if the match was suspended or where the match is being played and who is the referee. It also gives line up graphs showing who will play in which position.

This app

It has to be said that LiveScore has been built for the soccer fan in mind. Although there are other sports listed such as tennis, American football and basketball, you have to navigate to see the specific sport. Front and centre are the soccer scores.


  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Information rich – gives you very important information about each match.
  • Cool little refresh button in the footer to quickly update the scores in real time.


  • No filtering options – What would be useful is to show a personal homepage of sports, leagues and teams that you are interested in.


If you are looking for a simple solution to know scores in real time, LiveScore provides this. It doesn’t overload you with information such as articles or news, it gives you want you want, the score and basic information. This is very important as often websites tend to overload you with information and after wanting just a specific bit of information such as a score, you are overloaded with articles and adverts that you really aren’t that interested in.