Tap Zoo Classic – Build and manage your zoo.

Tap Zoo Classic is an ideal app for kids where they can create and manage their own zoo directly from the phone. The game is a virtual reality zoo where the aim is to create a personalized zoo that is popular with visitors and that the animals are well looked after and feel safe. For a child this could be a useful app, it can teach them the importance of organisation and the treatment and level of care required for keeping animals.

The app features a number of features and functions such as:

  • A choice of over 50 animals to choose to look after.
  • Breeding functions where you can create new types of animals.
  • Make your zoo attractive with exotic plants, trees and landscape designs.
  • Custom pens and parks to keep your animals in.
  • Using rangers to look after your zoo when your not there.

One problem we came across was that unless you make in-app purchases it can take in incredible long time to build up stars and points to buy the animals. This could be frustrating for the normal players. It is important to note that the developer seems not to be updating this app anymore and the last update was in 2013. This is important to be aware of as with new versions and updates for a phone or tablets operating system can make older apps run slower. Many players have complained that this app has become stale with new additional new content added.


  • Fantastic graphics.
  • Easy to play and understand.
  • Interesting and unique concept.


  • In-app purchases can be confusing.
  • A few in game glitches.
  • Strong reliance in in-app purchases.
  • Rare updates.


Tap Zoo Classic is a fantastic game for young children with many features to keep them entertained. It can teach them from a young age the importance of having responsibilities and looking after animals while at the same time having fun. The graphics are simple yet impressive and although there are a few glitches, the gameplay is relatively stable. As a note, the app features in-app purchases however these can easily be turned off to stop children from racking up expensive charges.