Best Music

SoundCloud is a fantastic music app where you can find some really interesting and unique music. Instead of music coming from the top popstars or major record labels, almost anybody can upload their own music to SoundCloud giving it a unique feel by listening to some really rare and unheard music out there. It really is a fantastic app to discover new and unheard tunes that almost no one else knows about.

One very cool feature is the personalized feed. If you follow and artist or a band, you are notified and updated when they release new music. No more having to search for your favorite bands each time you want to check if new music has been released. Each song also has a comment feed and although most of the comments are short, you can discover related music.

However the beauty of SoundCloud doesn’t just rest in listening to music. You can also upload your own music with added functionality to share and promote to your fans and followers. This is fantastic if you are just getting started in the music industry and want help promoting your own or your band’s songs. You can slowly build your followers.

One thing to note, especially if you are a parent is that the songs uploaded are completely unmoderated. Some tracks are likely to contain references to sex, violence and drugs so be aware if you are providing this app to a young child.

Not only is SoundCloud restricted to music, people have uploaded podcasts, comedy shows, self help tracks and much more. SoundCloud is often described as the YouTube of audio.


  • An incredible diverse range of music.
  • Free with no annoying ads.
  • Easy to use system.
  • Upload and share your own music.


  • Sometimes too much music to listen to to find a good tune.
  • Unable to use with poor connection.
  • Hard to find popular songs.
  • No downloading through the app.


SoundCloud is absolutely fantastic if you are looking for new music. It is basically a music discovery tool. It’s the perfect place to discover new or niche tracks, find new and upcoming artists or even upload music yourself. The one kicker I would say is that you need to be constantly online to listen to music. As of yet, I am unaware of any download features for the app or offline listening like Spotify features.