Moji keyboard – An marketplace for emojis.

With the huge growth in emojis during the past few years, its no surprise that someone has created a sort of marketplace to buy them. Happy and sad faces clearly weren’t enough for people so now you have emojis for Wiz Khalifa, Kim Kardashian and many more. It feels like the next stage to the ringtone craze during the late 90’s. There is a lot of money in emojis with Kim Kardashian making a fortune from her recently released Kimoji keyboard. It’s no surprise that a marketplace for the keyboards has popped up.

This app is called the Moji Keyboard and claims to have access to over 10,000 icons and over 1000 keyboards on offer to download and use. One real useful thing is that it saves having to individually find and download the keyboard, now they are all in one place.

Users have so far been happy with the app with many commenting about how easy it is to get the apps they want to download and use.

The app can be downloaded on the App Store.