Station Manager – Super fun game to build a virtual train station

Sometimes it is the simple games that are the best to play which is where Station Manager comes in. A super simple graphics game that looks more like Pokemon from the nineties than a modern day app. You build and create your own train station in a sort of construction and management type world and then the better you make it, the more people enjoy it.

Many users have left reviews praising the game and it’s interaction and level of playing. The company behind the app Kairosoft develop a range of games like these and although the topic and gameplay varies between games, the graphics almost always stay the same. It is a Japanese company who have got this simulation type game down to a point. This is a game enrich with Japanese gaming culture and with this English language release game specially designed for the English speaking market it looks as though they are going for a full challenge with simulation type games.

Station Manager is available from the App Store and costs $5.99 to download and install.