Energysqaure – A new way to charge your device.

How many times have you gone somewhere like a hotel or at the office and there is only one charger between 2-3 of your devices. What is worse is when someone wants to try and borrow your charger to charge up their stuff. The Energysquare, a new startup aims to change that with the ability to charge multiple devices at a time. And it couldn’t be more simple. Apply a thin metal strip to the back of the device and place on the pad. No more multiple wires per device, no more worrying about bringing multiple adaptors, just place on the pad and you are good to go. The new product also comes with some useful specifications such as being water resistant so you can happily place it on your coffee table, works with all major OS such as iOs, Windows and Android and there is no limit to how many devices you can charge, basically as many as you can fit on it. The brains behind the idea are three guys based in Paris, France and they have been working on this project for at least 2 years. It is available on Kickstarter where you are able to pre-order an Energysquare and also help fund the final stages of the project. The estimated delivery date is in November 2016 and they will ship to everywhere in the world. I know I’m going to be getting one. #TakeMyMoney. Interested? Check out the Kickstarter page for Energysquare.