Google Maps – An incredibly useful reference tool for finding your way around.

Google Maps is one of those apps that is a necessity, a basic, a must have. It is a large global map which you can use to find almost any location in the world. Type in any city, address, mountain, local business and the map will pinpoint you in the right direction. That however is just the tip of the iceberg of what this app can do for you. Once you find the location you are searching for you can do numerous things;

  • View the location details. For example, if it is a local business you can view opening times, an exact address, user reviews of that business and even photos people have taken and uploaded.
  • Directions. Probably one of the most useful feature of the app is that if you are viewing a location, you can get directions to there from your exact location of where you are right now. Google Maps will work out the quickest way using a number of routes such as by car, public transport, walking and cycling.
  • For locations in cities and smaller towns, Google Maps will most likely have “Street view”, a feature enabling you to view the actual street as though you are a pedestrian.
  • Star the location. This can help you save locations for future use and to return to a location faster. Think of it like bookmarks for maps.
  • Traffic feature – this is incredibly important if you are driving somewhere. Through the use of other users using the app, Google Maps is able to determine which roads are busy and have traffic jams.

One of our favorite features of Google Map has to be the satellite view though which means you have a photographic view of a location. This can help you see the local terrain of an area, identify mountains or more generally you can just explore the world. Another really awesome feature is the “Near You” function. This allows you to find things such as cafes, restaurants, shops and much more next to you. Of course you can sort these by distance or by rating to find the best one closest to you.


  • Powerful features and functions that will make you wonder how you lived without Google Maps.
  • Highly detailed maps.
  • Easy and useful directions that automatically update with you as you move.


  • Need a strong online connection to use the site.
  • GPS signal not 100% reliable.


An app which is pretty much an absolute must have. Unless you spend your life going from the same location to another location, then you will at some point in time find the services of the Google Maps app useful.