Meet Magnus, the app that scans artworks and gives you the relevant information.

When Shazam was launched, it took many by surprise that a thing could listen to music and then automatically tell you what the tune was from its catalogue of thousands of songs. Magnus takes this sort of recognition technology to the next level with art recognition.

So how does the app work? Well it can be for new users to experienced users alike. If you see a piece of artwork you like, you power up the app, take a photo. The app will work its magic and scan the artwork through millions of artworks already logged in the database. Once finished running (usually a few seconds), the app then gives all the details it has on the artwork including the artist, the price, previous exhibitions it has been at and future ones. It also gives a list of similar artwork. The effort that must have gone into this app and to continue to retain it must be incredible.

Currently the app is working with artwork in London, Berlin and New York but expect it to grow in popularity and more cities.

Magnus can currently be downloaded from the App Store.