pibox – A way to share large files via an app

There have been many, many file sharing services since the introduction of the web. From file sharing, to torrents, to self hosting services like Dropbox and then complete suites like Google Drive. pibox aims to take file sharing into 2016 with a new and very interesting service. Sharing files while in a chat.

Already though this is nothing new, Whatsapp already lets you share files in a chat however they restrict what format of file you can share and more importantly the size of the file is restricted. When you send an image file via whatsapp, you lose quality in the image. To the normal eye, it is not noticeable but it makes a difference if you need to use these files.

Think of pibox as a cross between a messaging and storage app.

pibox is available on the Google Play Store, available on the web and coming soon to the iOs store.