Sportle – An app to find live sports streams

Any sports fan who uses the internet to watch sports know what a pain it is to find live streams of games. How often does it happen that you are out and about and someone calls you to say that a game is really good and then you rush on home, you search Google for ages and usually get sites that are infested with malware and popups only to receive a stream after 1 hour of searching that is in Russian and 140p video quality. 5 minutes later, the game is over and you missed all the action. You know have to wait for equally poor quality highlights to be uploaded to Youtube.

Finally things may be changing and for the better. A new website named Sportle has developed a website, but more importantly an iOs app where you can find live streams sorted by sport, team, event and league. That’s right, no trying to access via Sopcast or Acestream and dealing with a constant stream of adverts.┬áThe streams they have on offer are split between free and paid and there is a filter where you can choose which one you want.

This solves a problem that anyone looking for live sports on the Internet knows all too well about.

You can visit the Sportle website here and download their iOs app here. Android users, be patient as they state a new app is coming soon.