Screenshots of the WorldKoins App showing the currency converter page and an account balance page.

WorldKoins – An app to make use of your leftover travel foreign currency.

Working on Top Voted Apps, I see many startups come out with new apps that may look nice but don’t actually solve any problems. WorldKoins is an app that does solve a problem and one that has bugged travellers for years and years. What do you do with your leftover coins and cash? The standard idea is that you take them home and take them to the bank or currency exchange office and exchange them, but we all know the exorbitant  fees these places charge. WorldKoins aims to put a stop to that and make their service universal. Once you holiday is over, you drop your money off with them through local agents (cafes, uber drivers, or any local who has time on their hands), they charge a small fee and you get your exchange money/gift cards directly on your phone in your preferred currency. This could be truly fantastic for the busy travellers who visits a lot of countries and somehow ends up always with a bunch of coins in their pocket. There is also the other side of the equation to bare in mind with an app like this. Locals are now able to have an extra revenue stream by collecting this money. Anyone from taxi drivers, airport workers, tour guides and even local business owners can start accepting and working with WorldKoins to help travellers and earn a bit of money on the side for themselves. It is a fantastic idea and although it is only in the starting stages, I feel it could really pick off if it could get the users. The question is, would you find this app useful? How many useless foreign coins do you have lying around your house? Or do you live near an airport/port and want to earn an extra bit of money? You can download this now from the App Store.