Star Wars™: Commander – Worlds in Conflict – Defend or attack, the choice is yours.

Star Wars™: Commander – Worlds in Conflict is a really awesome RTS game where you can build your base, defend it but also attack rivals who are near you. To become a strong player is actually quite difficult and it takes time to build up your base, train your army, build your weapons and vehicles and finally choose to defend your base or go on an empire building mission. The choice is simple, you either join the Empire, or you join the rebellion.

Although the game is quite complex and there is a lot to learn (especially if you are new to Star Wars) it is fun to play and easy to control. Just swipe your finger to where you want to go or what you want to do and it will do it properly. One very awesome feature of the app is that you can play against AI players but also against real world players. By connecting to Facebook, you can even find friends of your playing and challenge them to play against one another.

At first look, the graphics really impressed us. We loved them. Obviously a lot of work has gone into developing the app and it really pays off. Definitely one of the pros of the game.


  • Fantastic graphics that will leave you amazed.
  • Playing with your favourite Star Wars characters.
  • Familiar characters pop up during the game while playing.


  • If you have never been involved in Star Wars, then it can be an information overload by trying to understand everything straight away.


Similar to Clash of Clans, Star Wars takes a new twist on the game with it’s known and beloved characters, vehicles and all the other things you like about the movie. For any Star Wars fan, this game is a must have for your phone or tablet. It is interesting, fun to play and the best part is that you can play directly with or against your friends who also have the app.

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