COBI – An app to transform your bike into a smart bike.

We have seen a lot of tech try to make cars smarter but not so much when it comes to bikes. Well that is all about to change thanks to a new app called COBI. It can transform any bike into a smart bike and also charges your phone as you ride.

The founder and developer of the app recently appeared on Product Hunt where he talked about its overall features.

> Love your phone
COBI is built for your phone (4–6″)*. We securely mount it, charge it, and make it the dashboard of your bike. Free app updates included! The optional Smart Screen feature will auto-dim your screen on inactivity to extend the battery life.

> Stay dry, stay on track
Fullscreen 3D voice navigation (free worldwide offline maps!) and weather forecasting will tell you where to go and how to avoid the rain. Even save your favorite destinations.

> Safe and secure
Illuminate your road with the bright COBI AmbiSense auto front light and (wireless) rear light, deter theft with the alarm system, stay focused with voice feedback and hands-free control.

> Connectivity is key
Hook up your bluetooth headset and fitness wearables, control your e-bike engine, and call your friends directly from your handlebars.

> Your fitness companion
COBI tracks speed, cadence and heart-rate in real time using any Bluetooth sensors. Control your music playlist to stay motivated.

Think of it as a new cycling experience. For any biking enthusiast, this is a must have app and one to take control of your bike. Here is a video below from the company where it shows what can be done. Here is a link to the official website.