FitWell – An app that promises to be your personal fitness coach

There has been a real growth in the number of fitness apps and FitWell is the latest one. It promises to be your Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Life Coach all in one. Some pretty bold promises right there.

The team behind the app have been working on it for already three years and are developing it with an A.I. focus where the app understands your behaviour and tailors training towards you.

There are also different workout plans depending on your intention such as plans to get toned, flexible, being lean, getting that beach body or just being active.

So far the app looks very promising and has a top team behind it including Olympians and basketball players. Wether the app can be pulled off and become a best seller and a must-have app remains to be seen.

Currently FitWell has both a free and a premium section with the premium plan costing $4.99 a month and accessing all features including a weekly performance report.

The app can be downloaded at the Apple App Store and also the Google Play Store. Importantly and usefully there is also an app for the iWatch in place too.