Lose It’s new feature – Snap a photo of your food and get the nutritional facts

Lose It, a weight management app that has been around sometime and is already an amazing app has come up with a new feature called Snap It, Snap works very simply; you take a photo or a “snap” of your food and it will give you the nutritional facts of such food. It is very easy to work, heres how;

  1. Select a meal of whatever you are going to eat.
  2. Take a picture.
  3. Confirm the food is correct
  4. Further options to get specific with the food.
  5. Choose a service size
  6. Snap It works its magic and presents you with a breakdown of your food with nutritional information and other important data. It also logs the meal so keeps track of what you have eaten.

The team behind the app do state that at the beginning there could be mistakes in the app recognising the food but as people use more and more, the app will learn more and have a much better recognition result. Impressive right? Instead of just taking pictures of your food on instagram to get likes and followers, you can actually get some important information about it to live a more healthy life. Snap It: How It Works from Lose It! on Vimeo. Lose It is available on the Google Play Store, Amazon and theĀ Apple App Store.