The new YouTube VR is here and it’s impressive.

VR seems to be finally taking off. After many company’s attempted to use the technology it never really happened. Things could be changing though as VR seems to be more and more in use and more and more companies are jumping on board. This time it is YouTube¬†and they have developed an app called Daydream, an easy to use app to access virtual reality videos from a headset device. The entire app has been built with user experience in mind with someone actually wearing a VR headset.

It is not just however VR videos on offer, you can watch any Youtube video in the same immersive experience. Included are other features like voice search, spatial audio and also Youtube account access so you can subscribe and add videos to your playlist.

Note though, this new app is not available for everyone, you will need a Daydream-ready phone like for example, Google’s recently released Pixel and the Daydream view headset. Interesting times ahead in the VR world.