Pedal – The Airbnb for gyms, pay as you go access to over 400 gyms

We are seeing more and more the rental industry go stronger and stronger and Pedal is no exception.
Instead of having to signup to a gym and all the problems that come with it such as being locked into year-long contracts or having to pay insanely high $200 inscription fees just to have your name entered on to a computer and a free towel, Pedal aims to stop all those problems by making gym access into a pay as you go format. So for example you pay anywhere from $5-10 and you are free to access the gym you choose for one day.

This has to be the perfect app for anyone who has signed up for a gym membership and doesn’t end up going for 3 months at a time. Just imagine if you are travelling… No more being away from the gym or having to use the one at the hotel stuck inside a closet. With Pedal, you have a network of affordable gyms right next to you.

The app works in 4 stages;
1) You signup to the app – $10 a month gives you $10 credit and access to the network of gyms.
2) You search the app for gyms nearby.
3) You buy a day pass to the gym of your choosing.
4) Show the pass to the gym directly from your phone and get your access.

So far the app is operating in the United States and has around 400+ gyms in the system.

Currently Pedal is available on the App Store and can be downloaded there.