Pie – Make and watch 360 videos with your iPhone.

Pie is an app where you can make and watch 360 videos on your iPhone regardless of whether you have a 360 camera or not.
The developers of Pie know that the capabilities of 360 videos on mobile is an amazing experience but the way it has been executed has been poor and irritating for users and Pie aims to make it much easier.

Ceci Mourkogiannis, the founder of the app, explains how to use it

“With Pie, you can take a video “slice” – sort of like a mix between a Boomerang and a 360 GIF (although our inside joke is that it’s a spacetime GIF) – by moving your phone in an arc, using just the camera on your iPhone. You can quickly add filters and text on top to make it look cool, and send it out to your friends / share it with your followers. The best thing about slices is that when you move through the video you’re going forward and backward in time as well as space – by slowly tilting your phone you can speed things up, reverse them, whilst also looking around a space. The best uses of it we’ve seen so far involve a lot of movement – dance, crowds, sports of any and all varieties, even friends pulling silly faces.”

With a 360 camera added on to your phone, it makes recording much easier.

It must surely be only a matter of time before 360 cameras are integrated into smartphones so Pie may be onto something here.

Pie can be downloaded from the App Store.