Spin The Bottle – The next generation dating app?

After the huge successes of dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr, it doesn’t take long for new apps to enter the market and Spin the Bottle is a new app which takes things further.

It works by spanning a bottle together with people nearby when it lands on someone you enter into a video chat room and have a 30 second opportunity to chat and get to know each other.  If you like each other, great, you can continue the conversation, if your not interested in each other then you can remove and never see that person again.

Cofounder and CEO Matt Cohen gives the explanation of how the app works by saying:

Spin the Bottle is just like the classic party game, only this time it’s with real people from your area who are looking to meet. Here’s how it works: You’ll give the bottle your best spin and, when it stops, you’ll enter into a 30 second video date where you can chat up your potential match. If you’re feeling the love, give your date a kiss and see if they return the affection. Two kisses and it’s a match!

Seems like a cross between Chatroulette, Tinder and Snapchat and could work out well. But of course everyone knows the problems with Chatroulette and people showing a little more than they should which is why Spin The Bottle has integrated face detection which means if no face is detected then the image is automatically blurred out.

It looks like the team behind this what to make online dating more life like and instead of meeting profiles, you actually meet people. I imagine this could kill data plans for a lot of users but definitely an app to keep a look out for.

Spin the Bottle can be downloaded from the App Store and is coming soon to the Google Play Store.