Uber redesign their mobile app

Uber have finally updated their app and about time to with the last update occurring in 2012. To be fair, however, at the start of the last design, things looked pretty smooth but overtime Uber have added more and more features that made the navigation become cluttered and confusing. At last things have changed and become more streamlined. Improved features include a cleaner interface, more transparency on fare costs and even destination suggestions based on previous use, calendar appointments and contact locations if your contact wants to share their location with you. New features include integrations with Snapchat, Yelp, Pandora, Foursquare and more. A lot of thought has gone into the redesign and there was even a thread on Product Hunt where head of design, Chris Saad, talked about the new features and layout. j Some however have complained, a user named TrevorStricker said he loved the design and the new way to select a product but said there was still deep flaws in the routing that the drivers take. For example in San Francisco, the routing works well as streets are at right angles generally speaking, but take a city like Boston where things can get more confusing and the GPS doesn’t work as efficiently. This can cause a problem for Uber drivers who from from out of town and rely 100% on the GPS without any local knowledge.