UKYS – Tailored made shirts measured and delivered by your phone.

As someone who loves clothes and how easy the Internet has made to purchase clothes. One thing that has always been a problem however are sizes. For anyone who shops online for clothes, no matter who you are, you have always had a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes delivered that doesn’t fit and annoyingly you have to send it back for a replacement or your money back. It makes you wish you hadn’t bothered and just gone out to the shops in the first place. Here is an app that aims to change that; UKYS allows you to choose, measure and buy shirts directly from your mobile phone. The company behind the app say that “UKYS was born with the mission to provide the best fitting, high quality shirt at an affordable price and in an easiest way you could think of.”

The app has built-in measuring technology that allows the camera of the phone to take body measurements in order to size the shirt properly by using a 3d model from the measurements. Once the data is collected a tailored shirt can be custom made and then purchased via the app. This is fantastic as the average person simply cannot afford a tailored made shirt, they are just far too expensive.

The project is still in need of funding and we can expect great things in the future. Here is the Kickstarter link if you wish to back UKYS. Here is a download link for the app from The App Store.

And here is a video explaining more about the app.