Airbnb launch Trips – The opportunity to travel and experience destinations with locals.

So the folks at AirBnB have been busy and this time they have launched Trips. They want people to stop the boring mode of visiting a destination where you, for example, look at a map, wait in lines and take photos of the same sights. They want to offer unique experiences local favorites and all done via the Trips app. The aim of the app is for people to discover new experiences and local hidden places that moves away from the mainstream and usual destinations when you visit somewhere.

Such trips could be private classes in Ramen making in downtown Tokyo or a day trip horse riding in the mountains in Switzerland.

One could see this move as Airbnb going from a rental company and expanding into a travel agency as they start to offer more and more of the travel experience. The goal could be that people see AirBnB as a destination for finding things to do in a city and not just as an app for somewhere to find a bed for the night.

The company said they are starting in 12 cities including LA, Tokyo, Paris and New York however the goal is to expand to 50 cities by the following year.

Here is a video of AirBnB’s presentation of the app. The video lasts quite a long time but well worth the watch.

Download AirBnb from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.