Fabby: A photo and video editor that lets you take awesome selfies.

Here is a cool new app for all of those who love taking selfies. It is called Fabby is is a photo & video editor that allow you to edit selfies like a professional designer.

The app picks up your image and from here you can easily edit things. The make, Yury Melnichek, says that Fabby uses neural networks to detect background of a selfie in realtime and blur it or change it to a different one. The app gives more details here.

Features include:

— Replace background on your video and photo.
— Add background blur so that it looks like you’re using an expensive camera.
— Add motion effects and turn your selfie into creative video.
— Replace the original background, and teleport yourself to the Hollywood movie.
— Turn your selfie into video sticker and send it via messenger.

You can download Fabby from the App Store.