Google Voice undergoes an upgrade.

For those of us who love Google products, this could be a quite an eye opener for those who are fans of Google Voice. Google Voice was kind of this widgety thing that would be plugged into your Gmail account and from here you could chat or call your Google contacts. Pretty cool but nothing special. Anyway, Google have gone all out and updated Google Voice so it now looks amazing on multiple devices. I have to say, it looks quite impressive.

You can now setup Group Texts, MMS and a completely new look after years of stagnation. So…. Good news right? Read on…

Just how many messaging apps does Google actually have?! On the one hand you have Google Voice which has its hardcore users who have been using it for years, then you have Project Fi, which is a service that also gives you the possibility of a number like Google voice does. On top of this, you have Allo, a messaging app released in 2016. Then of corse you have Messenger, a simple app built into many Android phones that allows you to send SMS. Did I mention Hangouts? Oh and Google Duo. It seems Google needs a simple messaging strategy as thinks are beginning to get out of control.