Just Open & Type (JOT) – A simple to use journal app.

Sometimes apps can be complicated to use, understand and can take hours to learn how to use so when a simple app comes along such as Just Open & Type, it is a great relief to test it out and try it. Just Open and Type is a simple down to earth journal app. It is an extremely quick way to write down any private thoughts or ideas that you may have.
There are already a large number of journal apps out there but all the ones I have used are slow to load which is fine if you are at home and want to log your thoughts but if you are out and about in the city you want something quick to load up and use. Just Open and Type offers this functionality, it loads up with the keyboard straight away attached.

The moment you leave the app or open another app, it locks up as should be standard journal behaviour.

To download Just Open & Type visit the App Store.