Mobi – A bitcoin wallet with 60+ currencies to send, convert and receive on your phone.

This is an app for all Bitcoin fans to get interested in. The name is Mobi and it is a wallet for your bitcoin that allows you to send, receive and exchange bitcoin currency.

The app works as a wallet and allows you to keep different currencies. It shows you the amounts you have with Bitcoin at the top with the option to have over 60+ currencies.
Also what is very cool is the Mobi Visa Card which allows you to spend your money directly from the app. You would use the card as if you were using any other card.
Another cool feature is the contacts lis t where it can sync information with your phone and if they use the app then you can send and receive money between each other in different currencies too and send a message explaining what the money is for. No more sending complicated BIC and SWIFT codes to each other and waiting days to receive money.

It has been backed by Bobby Lee who is a Bitcoin guru in China and runs BTCChina, the second largest bitcoin exchange in the world.