Prynt 2.0 – A device to print polaroids directly from your smartphone.

Polaroid v2 is here and it looks impressive. It is a device that you plug your iphone into and allows you to print photos directly after taking them. Think of it as a much more advanced polaroid.

So there are two parts, the first is the app which you install on your phone and from here you control all the settings and then there is the device. Think of it as a sort of hybrid phone/camera.


The clip-on device features many features including straphooks so you can wear as you walk, a shutter button so you can take pictures the normal way as though you were holding a standard camera, a paper hatch where you can slot 10 pieces of paper to print on and an internal battery that you can charge using a USB device.

The app features all the cool things you would expect such as being able to add filters, text and much more.

The Prynt case is available to purchase 129.99 euros here