Kodi for Android

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The ultimate media center with 3rd party add-ons giving the end user supreme flexibility and choice.
Latest Version: v17.1
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Our score: (4.5)
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Kodi is available as an app for Android aswell as available for popular desktop and tablet devices.

If you don’t know about Kodi, then its time to find out more about this really useful piece of app that can run on almost all of your connected devices. Most important of all is that there are no purchase costs, no license fees and no recurring billing.

It is basically a piece of software that becomes your media centre with a ridiculous amount of features, options and add-ons. It allows you to browse or view videos, photos, podcasts or music from your harddrive, optical disc, local network or the internet. To add to the extreme usefulness of the app, there are third party add-ons that allow you to do so much more. For example there are add-ons from Youtube, College Humor and TED Talks where you can watch their videos directly from the Kodi software.

What I am incredibly impressed about Kodi are the different formats of media it plays. How many times have you downloaded a movie from iTunes and then for example want to play it on your phone which is Android. Impossible right? You have to search for a convertor or a special player that allows you do it specially for just this one movie. Kodi is a sort of all-round-media system where no matter what you throw at it, it will play it.

Now Kodi is not the only thing out there. There are similar services such as Chromecast (run by Google) or Plex but one thing Kodi has to its advantage is a team of more than 500 software developers and 200 translators all volunteering their time to work on the software.

Kodi is available on Google Play however not yet available on iTunes.