Snake is back!

Wait, what? Fans all over the world went crazy when the following news broke yesterday: Nokia’s iconic classic mobile game Snake is available on Facebook Messenger now! If you have never heard of Snake before you must either be 12 years old or you have probably spent your entire life
living under a rock. People first became addicted to this game in the late 1990s when it appeared on the first Nokia mobile phones. Snake is without a doubt one of the simplest games out there, but that is exactly what makes it so attractive and addictive.

These days, Nokia’s brand has been experiencing a surprising revival. The Finnish company HMD Global will produce Nokia branded mobile phones as well as tablets and has just announced the revival of the classic Nokia 3310 phone. The new, yet old-school handsets will also give users the possibility to get re-addicted to Snake but by cooperating with Facebook HMD Global makes users of all kinds of phones more than happy. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Pekka Rantala, expressed his own excitement by saying that “the opportunity to partner with Facebook that has single-handedly defined the social media landscape, is an incredible opportunity. We were excited to work with them to bring back Snake in a modern format to a global audience.“

Old-school fans will notice that the graphics have actually changed quite a bit. The snake, which is on a constant hunt for bugs and apples, now actually looks like a snake. There are six different levels available and each of them come in a different layout. Users can also choose between three different speeds while making sure that the snake doesn’t touch the walls.

Snake is a part of Facebook’s very popular Instant Games experience, which also features other popular games. There is only one little downside to these news: Facebook Messenger in India does not yet support the Instant Games feature, but let’s hope that Facebook figures that out soon, so that our Indian friends can also get re-addicted! The rest of the world will probably reschedule their plans for the rest of the week and indulge in hours of good, old Snake.