Whatsapp launch a Snapchat Stories clone.

So for those of you who use Whatsapp, the application is about to undergo a major transformation. The company is introducing a a feature which is very similar to that of Snapchat stories but calling the updates “statuses.” So for those of you who have used Whatsapp, you are probably aware that you can do a basic status update using text, emojis and some default selected ones such as “Busy”, “At The Cinema” or “Away”. Statuses aims to be a major upgrade to that and with the new changes you are now able to do updates using your camera similar to Snapchat.

The relentless push of trying to copy Snapchat does not seem to be giving up from Facebook. It has been noted that Facebook has made 17 copies, acquisition attempts or inspirations in an attempt to get Snapchat’s audience. Many have commented online that not only is this new Whatsapp feature is close to Snapchat Stories, it’s pretty much identical. No matter what, Instagram Stories, Facebook stories, standalone apps, it seems Facebook just won’t give up.