Blackberry introduces genius Privacy App

Okay, let’s be honest: have you ever been guilty of taking a quick look at what the person next to you was doing on his or her phone? Have you ever bent a little forward in your train seat to catch a glimpse of the images your neighbour was looking at? Have you ever witnessed dramatic WhatsApp arguments between the cute girl on your bus and her boyfriend? Well, you are not alone. Humans seem to not be able to stop their natural curiosity and with smartphone screens becoming bigger and bigger it is almost impossible to not look at your neighbour’s phone. On the other hand, there is nothing more annoying than realizing that the person next to you has been staring at your phone screen for quite a while. Thankfully, Blackberry has come up with a useful app that will protect you from stalkers as well as from your own, unbearable curiosity. Introducing: Blackberry’s Privacy Shade App!

Blackberry users can pick the shape of a circle or a lateral bar which extends horizontally across the screen. By dividing the screen into a light viewable area and a darkened area, the app keeps curious eyes from wandering over your screen. Users can decide whether they want the dark area to be completely dark or just slightly opaque. By dragging the viewable area around, Blackberry users are still able to see everything on their phone while protecting their privacy at the same time.

Let’s say you are in the midst of an important conversation with your girlfriend and the person next to you just can’t seem to look into the other direction. Just activate the app and find most of your screen to be darkened, making it impossible for your neighbor to see anything. You can still see the messages your girlfriend is sending over and if you want to answer, you just have to drag the viewable area down to where your keyboard is and you’ll be able to answer her in no time. It’s genius, isn’t it?
The bad part is that for now only those who possess a Blackberry phone can benefit from this amazing app. Let’s hope that other phone manufacturers will soon see the need to make a similar app available for their customers so that iPhone, Samsung and other smartphone users can feel a little more private as soon as possible. Fingers crossed!