Microsoft allows Windows 10 users to try out apps

Have you ever come across an app that sounded interesting, downloaded it and then discovered it just didn’t quite fit your needs or you didn’t like its design? Have you ever encountered an interesting sounding app that cost money but the pictures provided didn’t quite convince you? Well, Microsoft is now starting to offer a solution that could prevent that from happening in the future. Playable ads is a feature that allows users to see how an app works without having to install it first and possibly wasting money in the process.

When Google introduced Android Instant Apps in January 2017 many users of other operating systems were hoping that they too could soon test out apps before downloading them. Microsoft now is the first competitor to introduce a similar service for its flagship operating system, Windows 10. According to the tech giant, users are going to be able to stream an app or a game for a time frame of three minutes. The benefits that this approach provides for users are obvious: people will be able to make a smarter choice about whether they want to spend money on an app and give up sacred hard drive space. But developers can equally benefit from Playable Ads! Consumers are more likely to try out unknown apps if they don’t immediately have to invest money. Users who have felt discouraged to work their way through an endless amount of online ratings, will presumably be more willing to let moving pictures convince them. At the same time the process of offering an app will not become more complicated for developers as there is no additional coding necessary.


Currently Playable Ads is only available for limited preview and unfortunately Microsoft has yet to announce when it will become more widely available. One thing is for sure though: with Microsoft following in Google’s footsteps it seems to be only a matter of time before other operating systems offer a similar service for both developers and users.