Voice activated version of Flappy Bird creates online hype

If you happen to live in Asia or visit the region right now don’t be frightened if you encounter people in the bus or the underground that are literally screaming at their phones like crazy. And please don’t worry too much about your Asian neighbours screaming at each other. The noises you might be hearing are not a sign of aggressiveness but a rather strange comeback of a game we all know too well.

Remember that time everybody was completely addicted to Flappy Bird? The game, that was originally introduced to the world by Vietnamese programmer Dong Nguyen in 2013 created one of the biggest hypes in gaming history. In 2014 the creator decided to remove Flappy Bird from both the App Store and Google Play, claiming the game was too addictive. But Flappy Bird has never completely disappeared from people’s minds, with remakes and parodies of the game popping up everywhere. Well, guess what? The hype might be back!

Right now it appears unclear whether the voice activated version of the game was developed by a Japanese or Chinese developer but what is absolutely clear is that you need well-trained vocal cords in order to keep your character from dying. In the voice activated version the character’s jumps are controlled by the volume of your voice. If you murmur a little the character will only shuffle slightly, a shrill scream will make it jump higher. It’s as easy and loud as that.

Several, hilarious videos of people screaming at their computers and phones have brought Eighth Note, as the game is called, into people’s attention and some of them have gone completely viral. Right now the app is only available on the App store but let’s hope it will become available to Android users, too. We can’t wait for users in other parts to start screaming at their phones, too!